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The Story Of Kim Fong Wong:
From China, The Philippines To Canada - Continued

With moderate success, the Golden Wok Restaurant catered mainly to Chinese patrons at first, but soon expanded its menu items by serving westernized Chinese food such as egg rolls, chop suey and chicken balls. The eldest children, while not studying or working at other jobs, helped out in the restaurant time to time. However, with the massive influx of Chinese immigration in the late 1960’s and 1970’s the Chinese population in Toronto began to shift rapidly and the competition for business increased significantly.

Second youngest of the Wong family, Willy chats with some relatives while eating. Circa 1970's.

By the late 1970’s, the with the eldest children now grown up with respectable jobs and careers, only the three youngest, Virginia, Willy and Cary needed to finish college and begin a new generation of Chinese Canadians. In 1983, at the height of hard economic times, Kim Fong retires and the business he helped create, the Golden Wok restaurant finally closes after nine years of operation.

Now fully retired and in his 80’s, Kim Fong Wong enjoys the companionship of his wife and the visits from his successful children and grandchildren, the new generation of Chinese Canadians. Drifting across three nations in the span of his lifetime, he endured much struggle and hardship, but despite this, managed to firmly establish himself in Canada like many new immigrants.

-Matt Eng. 2008.

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An aging Kim Fong with his two eldest sons, Louie and Willy. Circa 1970's
Third elder of the Wong family, Elizabeth poses with a friend. Circa 1975's.
Kim Fong Wong, in the present day, 2007.

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